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  • Airline Ticketing & Reservation
  • Cabin Crew

.:. Airline Ticketing & Reservations
As the relative cost of air travel falls, more and more pax take to the skies for business, pleasure, education etc. So the sale of airline tickets and holiday packages has become rapidly expanding business in our global world.

Our range of subjects and tuition will therefore equip you to cope with studies.

Our training materials are sourced out from the industry and personnel who gives detailed knowledge about what to expect within the industry.

Upon successful completion of your Airline Ticketing & Reservation studies, students will be awarded with CERTIFICATES which are recognize worldwide by Travel Agencies and Airlines


.:. Cabin Crew/ Flight Attendant
With the continued expansion in the air transport industry, airlines are seeking thousands of application from good and qualified people with the right knowledge and character to be employed as cabin crew or flight attendant. If you are dreaming of becoming a cabin crew or a flight attendant for a leading airline, you will be getting closer to your dream by taking our cabin crew/ flight attendant diploma.

Airline cabin crews or flight attendants are primarily onboard an aircraft and hold the responsibility for ensuring passengers safety during a flight, prior to a flight they receive a briefing, schedules and check all cabin equipments to make sure that the aircraft is carrying sufficient supplies.

Before take-off they greet the passengers, direct them to their seats, ensuring that luggage’s are stored safely and also gives safety demonstrations showing what to do incase emergency strikes.

During the flight the cabin crews/flight attendants serve meals, drinks and sell duty free goods. In an emergency they stay calm, making sure that the pilots instructions are followed, they also check whether safety equipments are being used correctly. If a passenger becomes sick during a flight, all cabin crew/flight attendants are trained to administer first aid.

Cabin crew/flight attendants are required to complete a paper work before the end of each flight, including customs and immigration documents, account for a duty free goods sold as well as drinks ordered by passengers.

:: The Hours & Work Environment ::

Hours of work can vary and may include weekends, nights as well as public holidays. The amount spent away from home may change from job to job. Delays and cancellations could mean hours are disrupted.

Conditions on the aircraft are restricted, with a lot of time spent on standing or walking. Jetlag may be a problem when crossing time zones, and air cabin pressure may cause fatigue or other health problems. Bad weather condition can make flying conditions uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Airline cabin crew/ flight attendants are expected to have a smart appearance and usually wear uniform provided by the airlines. 

:: Skills and Interest ::
As a cabin crew/flight attendant you should be:

  • Tactful but assertive
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Be calm when under pressure and in an emergency
  • Be confident, friendly and good with people
  • Be sensitive and reassuring towards people who are anxious or upset
  • Be able to work quickly and efficiently
  • Be confident with money, including foreign currencies.

:: Once Recruited ::
Once you have been successfully accepted by an airline to work as a cabin crew/ flight attendant member, you will complete a mandatory of 4-6 weeks training course which is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Joint Aviation Authority. The training course is called SEP (Safety & Emergency/Evacuation Procedures). The SEP training is being paid for by the airline, plus you will receive your first month’s salary. During this time you will be trained on:

  • Aircraft Evacuation
  • Ditching ( Landing on Sea/Water)
  • Decompression
  • Fire Fighting
  • Passenger Service Management
  • Security Related Issues
  • Extraordinarily Situations
  • First Aid
  • Survival

Some of these training can be conducted within different simulators to practice the drills and procedures needed to deal with different types of emergencies that may arise. Because this training is extremely expensive, it is only offered to people who are recruited as cabin crew/flight attendants, however there are airline recognize courses available which will give you an excellent insight into what you can expect.

Once you have successfully completed the SEP training you will then be put on a probationary period from 3-6 months, where your performance will be assessed by a senior cabin crew/flight attendant or airline trainers. Also every cabin crew member has to undergo a re-current every 12months and be re-tested.

Upon successful completion of your cabin crew studies students will be awarded with CERTIFICATES which are recognize worldwide.

We hope studying with us will be a great advantage to be added to your CV as a cabin crew member for your dream airline, which you will be applying after completing the training. We wish you all the best and enjoy your studies with us.

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