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I offered both Diploma in Airline Ticketing & Reservations and the Cabin crew course. The work is really enjoyable, fun and above all you meet a lot of personalities onboard. I recommend Buckman Aviation to everyone who wants to become a Cabin crew, Check-in or Ticketing & Reservation staff.

Solomon Zuruba Duke
Cabin Crew, Starbow Airlines


I had my attachment with Aero Air as Ticketing & Reservation staff, I then moved to Aviance Ghana as Check in Agent for Lufthansa. I started flying with Kenya Airways since 2008 as a Professional Cabin crew because I offered both Ticketing & Reservation as well as the Cabin crew course at Buckman.

Melody Nartey
Cabin Crew, Kenya Airways


After successful completion of my studies in Airline Ticketing & Reservations with Galileo Professional Cryptic Computer Reservation System course, I have been offered a job as a Profiler and Check-in Staff for TAP Portugal and Africa World Airlines. Thank you Mr. Buckman.

Lydia Aikins
TAP Portugal & Africa World Airlines


I studied Diploma in Airline Ticketing & Reservations course with Amadeus Computer Reservations System, and now working as Check-in, Profiler and Document Checks. 

Clifford Annan
Africa World Airlines


Studying the Cabin Crew course boosted my confidence on how to deal with Emergencies and Security issues not only onboard but on grounds as well. I am now working with Africa World Airlines making sure that passengers are secured and going through proper scrutiny before traveling, Mr. Buckman thanks!

Musah Yirana Abdulai
Africa World Airlines


Studying Cabin crew at Buckman Aviation was fun, you get to know the industry more and the professionalism of teaching will also equip you with techniques. Going through stages of interviews was at ease for me at Qatar Airways because I have gained a lot of knowledge during my studies.

Nina Neequaye
Cabin Crew, Qatar Airways


Ticketing & Reservation course with Amadeus concept was my interest and Buckman Aviation gave me all the necessary tuition and encouragement needed because of the periodic exams we face every Friday which really prepared me for the industry and I have never regretted.

Hellena Donkor
Profiler & Check- in Staff, Africa World Airlines


Hi, Greetings from Dubai, I am enjoying my work and it’s a great feeling meeting people from all over the world. Checking their passports, luggages and making sure they have genuine documents before allowed to travel. Buckman Aviation gave me all these foundation and it’s a recommend school for everyone wanting to be in the travel industry as Flight attendant, Ticketing or Airport Check-in Staff.

Emelia Darko
Documents & Check-in Staff, Emirate Airlines


I never regretted for the money paid during my studies at Buckman Aviation for the cabin crew training. I thank God I went through it successfully and by his grace I am now working as a Profiler.

Stephen Atiemo
Profiler & Document Checks, AWA & ACI


After few months of cabin crew studies with my French language background, I have secured a job as Profiler and Check-in staff.

Gabriel Amobi
Africa World & ACI


Buckman Aviation is not an institution where students play, it’s about academic intelligence, I am well equipped to handle any situation during emergencies in my cabin crew studies.

Nii Tete Annan
Africa World Airlines.


I was introduced to Buckman Aviation by an old student who is doing great in life in terms of working as a cabin crew and the knowledge she acquired during her studies, I did not hesitated, I followed her footsteps based on the advice she gave me and here I am as a Ticketing staff for Starbow Airlines, but you need to study hard to succeed.

Betty Jane-Abbey Mensah
Ticketing Staff, Starbow Airlines


I was trained as a Cabin crew/ Flight Attendant. Just to let anyone interested to know that the course worth it. It was interesting and very informative. It definitely helped me with the interviews I attended and I was offered a contract as a Check-in or Profiler for Emirates & British Airways.

Emelia Nti Boadu
Profiler & Document Checks, Emirate & British Airways


Thank you Mr. Buckman for your help and encouragement during my Cabin crew studies and the application process which has built my confidence with my French language ability. I am now working for Africa World Airlines as a Check-in staff and Customer Service Rep.

Princess Grace Sarfoa
Africa World Airlines


With all the struggles and weekly exams, not knowing Mr. Buckman was preparing us for the future and the cabin crew job market that made the SEP training easier for me to follow. I have started flying with Starbow Airlines as a cabin crew and hope you will be joining me very soon only If you are train at my alma matter (Buckman Aviation). Thanks

Bettina Frimpong
Cabin Crew, Starbow Airlines


I studied both Airline Ticketing & Reservation, Galileo CRS and the Cabin crew course, I learnt a lot and Mr. Buckman was professional with his teaching, encouragement and above all he handled us as brothers and sisters making sure you understand every concept of the course before exams.

Betty Bediako Gyimah
Profiler & Check-in Staff, Africa World & ACI


Buckman Aviation is always looking for people who are eager and willing to learn in order to produce great results. With small class of 5 to 6 students, you get the opportunity to interact with each other with work based assignments. I am happily working after my cabin crew studies thanks to GOD and Mr. Buckman for guiding me.

Rosemary Tedeku
Check-in Staff, Africa World Airlines


I undertook the Cabin crew / Flight Attendant course, I worked with Africa World Airlines and now with a new contract at Qatar Airways. Buckman is great.

Percy Benard Otchwemah
Flight Operations, Qatar Airways


At long last I have made it, Thank you very much for all the stress and cracker we received during our training that has boosted my Confidence, Diplomacy, Enthusiasm and above all the passion for the job.  It takes hard work, a lot of studies and determination in order to succeed at Buckman Aviation but it’s helpful at the end.

Stephanie A. Okai
Cabin Crew, Qatar Airways


The most important thing in life for me is getting the work that your heart desire. Since at tender age I always dream of becoming an Air Hostess. Buckman Aviation gave me all the support and the needed training. Today I am working as a Cabin crew and Customer Service Representative.   

Harou Monoha Zara
RJM Aviation, Chad

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